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You too can be the proud owner of a property on Venus! The most romantic novel gift of them all!

Welcome to the Venus Shop !

The VenusShop is a part of the Lunar Embassy Computer Center.

The VenusShop webserver is soley dedicated to the sale of extraterrestrial properties on the planet Venus. It therefore only contains information relating to Venus. For all general information regarding extraterrestrial properties, please check out the brandnew and hot

Lunar Embassy Main Webserver

Member of the Netcheck Internet Commerce Bureau.

From there you can get to all the other extraterrestrial property servers that the Lunar Embassy Computer Center is running. You can also

    find out more about the whole story, the legal situation and and and...  
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    find our banners for linking, check our many homepages others have made for us  
    check out our general FAQ (which is different than the one on this webserver)  
    find our contact addresses and information; read our latest Newsflash!  
    and finally, join the extraterrestrial mailing list.  

So! With all that out of the way....we warmly welcome you again to the VenusShop! If you are looking for an extraterrestrial property on Venus, you have come to the right place! This really is the cheapest real estate in the universe!

If this sounds like a joke to you, please read on, because this is no joke. The sale of Lunar property has already been ongoing for many years by the Lunar Embassy, which posesses a legal basis and copyright for the sale of Venusian, Lunar, Martian and other extraterrestrial property. Thousands of people (including some very famous celebreties), are already proud owners of their Lunar property. (Please see our Main Webserver for more details).

You may have seen a presentation of the Lunar Embassy and an appearance of Mr Dennis Hope on one of your local TV channels recently. This is THE website that represents the Lunar Embassy


and you have come to the right place.

WE THE LUNAR EMBASSY, are the only recognized world authority for the sale of Venusian and other Planetary Real Estate (including Mars and the Moon). Please be advised, that any others are copy cat companies without authority, soliciting your money for unauthorized products.

And...regardless of what you may have heard...it's all true: After having bought the Moon and Mars, here you can now buy a property on Venus!

Venus, the planet of Romance...

Venus is the ideal spot in the solar system for people who want more than 24 hours in a day to finish their work. This is because the average day on Venus is 243 Earth days long, as it rotates so slowly. It also makes you wonder why it has such a romantic reputation..as sunsets there are very rare. When they do happen though, they undoubtedly last several days.

Due to Venus's proximity to the Sun, heating your home on Venus is not a problem.

Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. According to the Astrologers, Venus rules our affections, the heart, love life, pleasures and even financial luck. With it's inherent beauty Venus brings meaning to our lives. Astrologers believe that it can create opportunities to eat good food, smell intoxicating perfume, see a great art exhibit, or seduce your lover. As you see, it is not a vital planet, but as they say, man does not live off bread alone. Yep...life would be pretty boring without the legend of the planet Venus.

OK, what are the details?

Firstly you should know, that in keeping with the Lunar Embassies traditional policy of selling extraterrestrial property at the lowest possible prices, we are happy to announce that a property on Venus is very similar in price to that of the other extraterrestrial properties the Lunar Embassy sell on other planets and Moons. However, there is no division between 'lit' and 'dark' sides like for the Moon, as Venus itself rotates.

The price for a one acre parcel is:

Only $19.99

+ $1.51 (Venusian Tax)
+ Shipping and handling of $10.00

(Shipping and handling for up to 5 parcels going to the same address). believe us, there's enough room for a BIG sauna this time round seeing as the swimming pool should already be on Mars (pls see the MarsShop). This further is a good idea as a Sauna on Venus will not need any heating to run it. Its hot enough already.

What do I get for my money?

Apart from the property itself, you receive:

    A Venusian Constitution Bill of Rights  
    A Venusian Deed  
    A Venusian Site Map
(Showing the approximate location of your Property)
    A copy of a short story entitled "YOU OWN THE WHAT?" which includes a copy of the declaration of ownership that was filed with the United Nations, as well as the US and Russian governments to ensure that in fact, a legal basis for the ownership of the properties sold here can be claimed.  
    All documents are in English and are printed on 11 inch x 14 inch simulated parchment paper, suitable for framing.  

Guarantee Policy.

Please note that we follow a strict no-argument 30 day moneyback guarantee policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your product, you may return it, and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

If you would like to see a picture of the documents you will receive, then please click here .

How many properties are there?

There are several billion (!) separate pieces of property on Venus. Please note that, due again to the heavy demand, we sell one property after the next, and are therefore unable to assure you whether your property will have any views on any craters or Venusian volcanoes. Perhaps you cannot choose the exact location of your property, but, if in one order, you order several properties, they will be next to eachother.

I don't believe it....

Believe it. It's true. If however you are still not convinced we suggest you have a look at our Venusian Frequently Asked Questions List , or contact the Netcheck Internet Commerce Bureau , of which we are a member.

What happens if we find life on Venus?

This part is just like on Martian properties. Venus is largely unexplored and certainly less explored than Mars. We can be reasonably sure that there is no life on the Moon, but, not even the Lunar Embassy can guarantee you that we will not find life on Venus. If such extraterrestrial life is found, and if such life is sentient enough to make a decision of any kind, in any form, language or gesture, as to whether it would like you on its property or not, then the opinions of the lifeform will take absolute priority and OVERRULE any rules we may have made. This is regardless of, if such extraterrestrial opinions may make sense to humans or not. What does this mean? Simply put, it does mean that if you buy a property on Venus, and when you get there a little green thing is on your property, and it says: "we don't want you here", well then, unfortunately your 20 dollars were a malinvestment (and ours too!). The Lunar Embassy prides itself on respecting all lifeforms of the Universe. Whether they be sentient or not, we feel, is unimportant. Further, should any lifeform that is NOT sentient exist on your property, it is your (and our) responsibility to ensure that it does not come to any due harm due to our presence on the planet.

OK OK! I'm hooked. I'll feed my venusian pets all the time! I WANT ONE! WHADDOIDO?

Firstly, as before, you can order as many as you like. There are NO limitations. Venusian properties are available to all the people on Earth. It does not matter what country you are in or what your circumstances are. Further, we are sure you have heard one of your friends once say "DON'T TYPE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER INTO THE INTERNET". Whilst we feel the risk is neglegible, we will not ask you to, unless you so desire.

When you are done looking around this site, which we suggest you do before ordering anything, and you would like to order your Venus Property or goodies, then please


or choose "Order Form" from the navigation tool at the top. As you will see from the description below, there's much more to see on this site!

For example, we would also like to let you know that we also sell T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Mugs and other goodies related to your property purchase! As much as Venus itself, these make for great and original gifts for any occasion such as birthdays or christmas for example. After all, if you're not wearing the T-Shirt, how will someone know that you own a massive piece of property? Life is not worth living without it.

About the other fun bits on this site!

The Whats sold Venus map allows you to have a look at how much of the Venusian surface has already been sold.

The Venus Links section is a small collection of the best links relating to Venus . What do we know about life on Venus plus a host of other useful information. Please do not forget that NASA and JPL pictures are copyrighted.

The Bedroom. Ah! The bedroom. We almost forgot the bedroom on Venus! Well, this is what the view out of your bedroom could one day look like, if you live on Venus!

Finally, please don't forget to look at our Venusian Frequently Asked Questions List . This list covers everything we can think of, as well as everything you thought of. How the Lunar Embassy came to be, and what legal basis the Lunar Embassy has to sell Venus.

If there's any problem, you can contact us by clicking here . We do try to personally respond to all e-mails, even if it takes us a while.

We THANK YOU sincerely for your orders and hope that you tell your friends about this wonderful adventure. There's plenty of property for everyone. In the meantime, we look forward to being your neighbors on Venus one day!

Sincerely Yours,
the Lunar Embassy Staff.